Gocco screens and Lamps

Thermafax and  gocco

gocco-compatible flash lamps
Thermafax and gocco screens
re-usable plastic frames

Gocco Inks


Oil based and water based inks
for print, paint, encaustic,
mixed media, fabrics

Readymade Screens to Print

SCREENS all ready to print

unusual original designs
on easy-to-print flexible screens.

Your Custom Design Screen

C U S T O M   screens

You draw it, we flash it! Great rates :~)
FAQ/How-to, pricing and turnaround

  BUT WAIT !!!  ;~D      ...there's more...                                                   

crafting Tools

Useful Things ~screen cleaner, RISO pens, flocking,
     bone folder, etch cream, stencils, metallic tape

photo emulsion sheets   

Photo Emulsion Sheets -Yudu Compatible
Emulsion sheets, Blockout, Squeegees,
Transparencies, Emulsion Remover, PHOTO EZ solar screen

decal info   

Decal Paper / uncoated ~ Waterslide transfer paper.
Print in color for easy image transfer on anything
   *Print laser black to fire as iron oxide design on clay/glass.
                                               *Laser Print Decal Tutorial

seed paper

Papermaking ~Deckles & molds, casting forms,
instruction, ideas and samples, pulps + fibers 
cool Grummer templates, hardware, flame retardant

such a Deal

SPECIALS ~ Craft Closet Clearance!
Embossing Powder, Stamp Pads, Etching Cream,
Adhesive Foil Tape, Transfer Gel Medium..& more


Alternative screen making and printing techniques

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